TTM Steroids 300

TTM Steroids 300




Buy TTM Steroids 300
Buy TTM Steroids

  • Name: TTM 
  • Manufacturer: AXA Med
  • Contains: 10ml Vial / 300mg per 1ml

TTM Steroids 300 is a very unique blend – it has a long acting ester that will make this a very powerful anabolic steroid blend , the Combination of Testosterone Cypionate , Trenbolone Enanthate and masteron enanthate is perfect for creating a powerful mass building blend.

AXA Med TTM contains 10ml of: Trenbolone Enanthate , Test Cpyionate & Masterone Enanthate 100mg of each per ml = totalling in 300mg per ml

AXA Med TTM dosage is 300 – 900mg (1 – 3ml) per week,


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